Sunday, 1 February 2015

How to Block Senders in Outlook for Mac 2011

Mac Outlook 2011 users have an outstanding solution to block senders in Outlook for Mac, as now they are able to stop the useless emails from someone.  Easily can add his/her email address in their blocked senders list, after this setting, Outlook without thinking shifts all new mails from that particular person into Junk E-mail folder.  In case, if you want to receive his/her email generally, then you can remove his email address/domain address from the blocked sender list on your Outlook 2011 email application for Mac.

For Blocking or Unblocking senders unwanted mails in Outlook 2011, follow the few steps as described below:

How to Block a Sender

  • Open Outlook 2011 email client, and from the message list, pick a message from the sender, whom you want to add to block sender list.
  • Go to the Home Tab Junk then click “Block Sender” 

  • Then automatically Outlook will add this email address to the Blocked Senders List.

Note → Additionally, you can bring back any of the mail from the Junk E-mail Folder. Select the message that you want to shift into the Inbox Folder.
Go to the “Home” tab → Click Junk → Click Mark as Not Junk.


How to Unblock a Sender

  • To unblock the sender Go the “Tools” Menu → Click Junk E-mail Protection.
  • From the Blocked Senders tab → in the Blocked Senders text box → Choose the e-mail address or domain address (that  you would like to unblock → Press the Delete Key.

Tips for Customize your  Junk E-mail Protection-

  • For protecting your mail account just you can step up with a few precautions  as you can add vital message senders to your Outlook contacts. When a contact is saved in Outlook, it does not categorize any messages from that particular contact as Junk.
  • Additionally, can make use of the “Mailing List Manager” to control message from the mailing list. Now all the Messages  which are grouped by the Mailing List law will not categorize as Junk.

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