Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to Create Distribution List in Outlook 2011 for Mac

A simplified method to create a distribution list in Mac Outlook 2011 application, for this setting,  you have to get assign a permission to send a distribution list, it’s required to set up the “Send As” aptitude for the user in Mac Outlook 2011 email application.
  • Open Outlook 2011 email application, then go to “Tool Account click on ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the this current screen. Now choose ‘E-mail’ alternative to include an email account.
  • Now a new screen will appear  as Enter your account information, according fill up all required details here as-
  1. Enter your email address of the distribution list with its password for your own mailbox (Example:
  2. At the  'User name' option, put your required mailbox address (
  3. Select the type as IMAP along with the 'Incoming Server’ and 'Outgoing Server' settings, navigate to HostPilot > Get started > Advanced settings.
To continue this process, click on Add Account (button from the right bottom of the screen).
  • Set up your newly created account details by click on ‘More Options’ under 'Outgoing server' option.
  • Now in the new screen continue the setting  Fill the field “Authentication” & choose 'User Name and Password' option. Fill your details here as user name & password, then click on ‘Ok’ button.
  • After this procedure, click on ‘Advanced’ button, then click on “Folders” option from the top tab, Accordingly, you can select any of your desiring folders as an example, here this setting for “Store send messages in the folder” substitute Choose 'Sent Items (On My Computer)'.
  • At the final stage just you have to allot approvals,  by selecting between the two as primary mailbox or the distribution list (as the sender email address, while creating  a message. For this task, create a new mail b click on the arrow option subsequently in the field 'From' therefore select the preferred sender email address from the list.

More Options with Distributed List

  • It gives better calendar feature launched a join together trust relationship with an outside collaborator to share availability (free/busy) information
  • Outlook for Windows supports message recall
  • Windows Outlook supports Ignore & Clean Up events
  • Facilitate Outlook forms, voting buttons, and receipt tracking
  • Existing for a 32-bit application and a 64-bit application as well and easily manages the Exchange Server distributed lists.

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