Monday, 19 January 2015

How to Delete a Specific Messages from Outlook 2011

Owing to several reasons, every so often it’s been tough to delete a specific message from your Mac Outlook 2011 database even after rebuilding of the related error couldn’t fix the issue. I find an easier solution for resolving this issue as you can comfortably delete that specific message which creates trouble while deleting the same from the Data Records of Outlook 2011 application. Furthermore, you are competent to see the matter of that particular message in order to find the message through “Spotlight” from the Finder. If you see the message is still able to open & edit, can add a non-word or can use a particular phrase in the message that should be unique from the message. Now in the Finder session, you can enter any term in the Spotlight search option.

Condition, when you turn on the Show Path bar from the Finder, then its easily can find that stored messages from the Data Record. Now you can delete that specific message via the Finder.
Hope this simpler method assist you for deleting your Mac Outlook specific messages.

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