Monday, 29 December 2014

Access Gmail Account in Mac Mail (Mavericks Mail)

For accessing Gmail account in Mac Mail, configuration is easy and for this accessibility you just have to arrange the POP format for Gmail account in Mac Mail. As we know that the by default email client for Mac OS is Apple Mail. In the Apple Mail email application you can access your Gmail account as in IMAP format by using your Gmail account details with its current password.  If you want your Gmail account as POP, by manually you can do it straightforwardly. You can’t put together any changes in the same account from IMAP to POP.
  • To accessing Mac mail with Gmail account in POP from IMAP, by deleting the current account and create a new account with POP setup.
  • Now set your Gmail as “POP” in your browser setting.
  • Then log on to your Gmail account
  • Under the Gear >> select Setting >> forwarding & POP/IMAP.
  • Select “enable POP”.
  • Accordingly, if you don’t want to download all mail folders then select the second option “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on”.

  • Select "Add other Mail Account".. Not Google.

  • Continue.... this procedure

  • Now enter your e-mail address and with its password >> Create botton

  • By default, this setting will in the IMAP format. Select “POP” format for further process.
  • Change now to
  • Fill now your complete email address (Password will be automatically entered).

  • You can utilize SSL Port 993: Authentication >> Password

  • Set the outgoing server (SMTP),  put email address &  password >> Create button

  • Now enter Port 465 >> check SSL, Authentication > Password

Steps to Verify your Account Settings:

  • Then verify your results in the main account windows for outgoing settings. If you make any changes in that window under of the tabs.

  • Then select “Save” by click out of the window.


  • In the Outgoing mail server through SMTP.
  •  Select Edit SMTP server list

  • Now Select the account in the list

  • From "account information" >> enter a name for the account Gmail POP.
  • Then Verify your settings by click on “Advanced tab

By Connection Doctor to check  the connection

  • As for the given screen >> under window from the Menu Bar, select “Connecion Doctor

  • Probability for any of the two colors as:
  1. Green: It indicates the connection
  2. Red: Show there is a problem
  • Then click on show detail button,
  • If SMTP is Red >> then check again your password from “Advanced Tab”.
  • As in below screen you can see , the issue while connecting it. As Your POP Gmail account is not connected and the IMAP Gmail account is connected.

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