Friday, 26 December 2014

How to Copy Contacts From Mac to iPhone - Check Out Here!

Each release of iPhone in market captures the interest of numerous users. This is because Apple has provided latest features and incredible performance factor within iPhones. Apple has introduced the first iPhone in 2007 in the market with its amazing features. This launch has brought drastic changes in smart phone market by capturing high demand of users across the globe. Next release comes with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS with more enhanced features and graphics. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S took the technological world to the Retina and Siri (Siri is a virtual assistant for the iPhone with a voice-controlled natural interface with Sequential inference and contextual knowledge to execute personal task for iOS users). The iPhone 5, a successor of iPhone 4S, gets taller in size with LTE (Long Term Evaluation) faster. With the release of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c users experience the world at their fingertips. And latest in 2014 is the release of iPhone 6 with 5 inch screen and most updated features.

How to Export Contacts from Mac to iPhone?

Now by closing the chapter of iPhone releases, we are coming to the topic like how to copy contacts from Mac to iPhone. In this guide we will assist you to resolve the  query like how to copy contacts from Mac to iPhone by first converting Mac contacts in CSV file format and then importing those CSV file contacts into the iPhone.

Step 1-

Export Mac Outlook Contacts As CSV-

Now,for executing this, open your Mac Outlook and then go to File > Export

Export wizard will ask what you want to export, and then choose ‘Contacts to a list’.

Step 2 -

Import CSV File To iPhone-

The export wizard will create a CSV file for all of your Mac Outlook contacts which can be easily imported into your iPhone. There are so many ways into which you can import CSV file to iPhone, but easy and convenient method is by email. This method works when you have a small CSV file list of contacts.
  • Add respective CSV file as an attachment to your email and email it to your personal email address 
  • Open that particular email on your iPhone and click on attachment attached to it.
  • That’s it! Your iPhone will prompt you to add the specific contacts to your iPhone. Just follow the simple tips and within few seconds CSV file contacts will be added to your iPhone Address Book.

Recommended Method to Import Mac Outlook Contacts to iPhone

The above suggested method only work fine when you have a few contacts, what about the circumstances when you have a large amount of contacts saved in a CSV file. Well! Don’t worry, in such case we have an appropriate solution for you. Use OLM Contact Migrator tool to resolve queries like how to copy contacts from Mac to iPhone as tool supports migration of Mac OLM file contacts in CSV, PST and vCard file formats. Make sure you have OLM file before exporting contacts from this third party contact Migrator tool. The tool helps to create a single vCard file for each Mac Outlook contacts which can be further used to sync contacts with multiple devices and email applications that supports vCard file format.

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