Friday, 26 December 2014

How to Auto Sync Photos, Contacts, Notes, Calendar on Windows via iCloud

Learn how to sync photos, contacts, notes, calendar and other items from iPhone to Windows OS. Clear steps here for making this synchronization possible between your iPhone and Windows Outlook. By chasing few steps you can manage your iPhone items on your Outlook using iCloud app.

Set up iCloud in your iPhone

  1. Go to the setting option on your iPhone
  2. Click on iCloud app
  3. Go to “Mail” option and turn this option “On
  4. And turn “On” all other required items as Contacts , Calender, etc. from your iPhone

To Transferring photos from your  iPhone
  1.  Just click on “Photo Stream”.
  2. Go to “My Photo Stream” >> Turn “On” this button.

 Setup iCloud on your Windows PC

Download iCloud on your PC (Windows OS) from (For this installation,you have an account at and then sign in.

  1. Now a window will be appeared on your local machine, select the items which you want to access on your PC, accordingly, do changes on the settings by clicking on “Option” button.
  2. Now click on “Apply” button >> Click on “Merge
  3. Now the setup is completed by clicking on “Done” and then click on “Clear
  4. To view pictures>> Go to “My Computer” >> Photo Stream
  5. To view contacts, notes, calendar and other items >> Go to Outlook application (get Logged in)
  6. Now a separate folder will be their on your Windows Outlook  with all the selected items from iPhone


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